Manufacturing Process

“Before the rough diamond is transformed into a beautiful piece of jewellry, it must undergo several stages in its production.”

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Every Loose diamond sold by us has been analysed & graded by authentic & trained house team, of professionally trained gemologist that grade diamonds in strict accordance of international laboratories (i.e. GIA or IGI )

1. Formation

As we all know diamonds are the hardest substance and most valuable items on the earth. Due to violent volcanic activities, diamonds have been brought to surface in large chunks of diamond-containing rocks.

2. Mining

After the process of formation, when diamonds and other minerals are explored mining procedures are done. A lot of exhausting work goes into the mining process, which discovers then a precious gem.

3. Sorting

Once the mining process is completed, the next step is sorting of diamonds. The diamonds are sorted according to their size, shape, quality and color, within these categories there are thousands of variants which can affect the price.

4. Cutting & Polishing

Once the sorting of rough diamond is done, the next step is cutting and polishing. It takes hours for cutting and polishing to turn a rough diamond into a beautiful stone.

5. Evaluation

After diamond is cut and polished they are sold to wholesalers or manufacturers. Wholesalers buy small amount of this polished diamonds and sell these to jewellery designers, jewellery manufacturers or retailers.

6. Retailing

The final step of diamond pipeline is when diamond jewellery is sold by retailers to the consumers. Today, as a result of development in the form consumers are willing to analyze.